Balance Ball – STRYVE-USA

Balance Ball

100400901 $49.95

The gym ball with a new look.

Diameter: 27 in

Balance function:
Due to internal weight reinforcement the Balance Ball will not roll around uncontrolled, but stay in place during workouts, exactly where you want it.

ergonomic sitting:
The functional shape of the Balance Ball keeps you constantly in motion while helping you sit more comfortably and aligned.  The ball is perfect for preventing back pain when sitting for long lengths of time and keeps your back active while strengthening during sitting.

Anti-slip surface:
The texture of the Balance Ball gives you more grip and control to optimize workouts and prevent slipping during more intense exercise.

high-quality materials:
The Balance Ball is a precisely manufactured from PVC making it skin-friendly, long-lasting, and extremely durable to withstand any workout.