Runner's Keychain – STRYVE-USA

Runner's Keychain


The keychain for runners - stores your keys stylishly and safely for everyday life. 


The neodymium magnets make it possible for you to run carefree with the keychain tucked in your waistband eliminating the inconvenience of running with your keys in your hand.


Pocket & strap:

The inside pocket holds everyday items like money and other keys so they are always on hand.


No more jingling:

Locking the keychain protects your keys and eliminates loud jingling and the unpleasant feeling of your keys on your leg


Easy to find:

The keychain is handy to use while open, easy to carry, and can be hung on many surfaces due to its magnets.


Innovative key ring:

Easier to attach your keys while protecting your fingernails.


Premium materials:

Your keys are well kept in one simply aesthetic place with our high-quality imitation leather.