Set of 5 Towell+ Pro or Silver – STRYVE-USA

Set of 5 Towell+ Pro or Silver


Specify three colors in any combination in the order comments. 

Save money on the bigger and better version of the most functional sports towel by ordering five.

Dimensions: 41" x 17"

Magnetic clip 
easily attached to gym equipment and other metal surfaces so you don't have to lay your towel on the floor before, during, or after workouts.


The recessed pocket allows you to store keys, cards, and other loose items safely inside the zippered pouch surrounded in flat woven cotton.

Inner cell phone compartment
Operate your cell phone easily through the touch-sensitive mesh inside so you can read messages or simply change your workout music while keeping your phone safely in the towel.

Anti-Slip protection
Prevents the Towell+ Pro from falling off equipment during strenuous workouts where a normal towel could quickly slip and fall off the bench.

Gym & skin side
A visible front and back to stay hygienic during your training.

High quality materials
The latest version of the sports towel is made of Zero-Twist cotton with a neodymium magnetic clip that holds heavy objects in the bag.