STRYVE Ball – Felt

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Active sitting on the STRYVE Ball. 
Aesthetic and functional at the same time.

Balance ball:
The STRYVE Ball oscillates independently due to the weight reinforcement inside. This means that the ball does not roll around uncontrolled, but always stays in its place. Exactly where you want it to be.



functional label:
The handy label makes it easy to lift, carry and align the STRYVE Ball


dust-repellent surface:
With the Balance Ball inside you avoid dusty trousers, because the dust stays at the bottom side.



ergonomic sitting:
Due to its shape, the ball keeps you constantly in motion and helps you to sit more healthy.



design language:
With its minimalist design, the ball harmonizes with many different facilities.



premium materials:
The STRYVE Ball offers you precisely processed covers made of imitation leather, felt, faux fur or nylon, which you can simply take off and clean.