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Towell+ Micro – microfibre sports towel

100400802 $24.95

The most functional sports towel - now also in microfiber. 

With popular features such as the phone pocket, the anti-slip-sleeve and the Gym-Side Skin-Side. Also made of quick-drying microfiber.

Dimensions: 41" x 17" 


Stow your keys, membership card, etc. in the recessed pocket and close everything with the zipper. The special thing about the Pro version is the flat woven cotton material surrounding the pocket.



Cell phone compartment:
Operate your mobile phone easily through the touch-sensitive mesh inside the pocket. So you can reply to messages or change your music on your phone while you work out.



Prevents the Towell+ Pro from sliding off the workout benches. Especially during a workout a normal towel can quickly slide off the benchand disturb your workout. With the Towell+ Pro this won't happen to you.



Gym-Side & Skin-Side:
The Towell+ Pro has a clearly visible front and back side for a more hygienic workout. Furthermore, with 41in in length it is significantly longer than the first version of the Towell+.



premium materials:
For the Towell+ Light we use the finest microfibre in Alcantara optic. For a pleasant feeling during training, which also allows the towel to dry particularly quickly.